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Ask a Chain Spy: Going Deeper

Ask a Chain Spy: Going Deeper

Season 1 episode 1


Diving deeper into DIY chain analysis and tools like OXT.

Impromptu conversation on Dirtcoin Discuss following questions from our first session with ErgoBTC .

Guest Notes

I mentioned some Tx interpretation/OXT examples during the chat yesterday. For those looking for some basic examples to play around with, these are a good start.

Ex 1: Simple Spends

Interpretation: Output 0 Likely Payment, Output 1 Likely Change

Reasoning: VOUT0 round payment amount, VOUT0 to wrapped segwit address, VIN0 and VOUT1: native segwit

Ex 2: Peel Chain Tx Graph Example

TxID (7912d...) in example above is highlighted in orange.

Peel chain is expanded via OXT Tx Graph. "Heavy lineweight" outputs make change output interpretation "obvious"

Click Tx details button in left toolbar (eye symbol), select each tx, VOUT0 is consistently the likely payment output interpretation

Conclusion: Wallet software does not randomize payment output index

Ex 3: Address Reuse (Log in to OXT to access the Tx tab from the address page)

Notes: Address received 2 UTXOs from, each from a unique transaction

Implications of this Address Reuse: ???

Ex 4: Common Merged Input Ownership Heuristic Example:

Notes: Check tx for coinjoin properties (entropy)? If none, assume common ownership.

Which output is likely payment? Why?

Ex 5: Exchange Batch Spend Example:

Note: VOUT4 = change output, this output is reused in a new batch spend

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